Mobile phones and television are powerful electronic pieces of equipment used in 20th century globe

21st century is an era of electronics machines. The individuals use them each day and cannot image living without electronics device.
Today will be shown some electronics devices which make easier the individuals in their everyday life at school and workplace and in their leisure time.

Nowe technologie
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The first device is a mobile phone. Cells have been introduced about 20 years ago and since that point in time international communication has been simpler, faster and less expensive. People have started to take their mobile phones to every place they went. What is more, the mobile phones have become their timepiece, date book, address book and even CD player. The years were passing and the improvement of mobile phones has been more large – the mobile phones had alike software to those which are applied in personal computers.

Tonight on the marketplace are available smartphones – the clever versions of cells. They offer their customers leisure, professional MP3 player, a lot of games and different applications which are able to be downloaded for free.

The second equipment which has made a huge career among usual users is television set. The television is 1 of the most well-known electronic machines since 1960s. People love watching television because it is easy, convenient and does not cost much. You are able to watch plays in the theater wearing pajamas and slippers. It will not probably happen in a real life, in the authentic the stage.

Television has modified the individuals’s lives. They begin to live with television from meal programs and – poznaj więcej – stay in front of television set until evening films. Television has introduced plenty programs which concerned standard viewers. A few of them became small screen’s stars and done large careers. What is more, a French TV is planning to send four people on Mars and broadcast their daily life.

Mobile phones and television are powerful electronic devices applied in 20th century world. Some people definitely cannot imagine their lives without the electronics equipment. It is wonderful news for mobile ( phones’ producers and owners of television channels.