An idea fro holiday – Ljubljana and St. Petersburg

What are the most popular travel destinations in Europe? Probably the busiest airports inside and outside Europe are London / Heathrow and Paris/ Charles De Gaulle. However, there are a lot of picturesque places which aren’t that popular. We would want to encourage you to check flights to Ljubljana or flights to st. Petersburg.

Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital and the largest city. There is an airport in Ljubljana called Jože Pučnik Airport. Eight international air companies use Jože Pučnik Airport. It is the base for Adria Airlines, Slovenia’s national airline. You can pick up direct flight from 27places including major international airports for example Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Vienna, Zurich and others. The airport is situated near the village of Brnik, 24 km northwest of Ljubljana.
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The city is situated in the middle of the country (see a complete listing on this page). There is many places to see inside and outside the capital. For instance, you can buy Lake Bled and Postojna Cave trip.

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Bled castle is also worth to consider. Another option is to visit Slovenian Coast and Karst Day trip.

St Petersburg is also worth to visit. it is the second largest city in Russia. Some visitors claim that it is more interesting place to see than the capital. The airport is one of the largest and third busiest airport in Russia after Moscow’s Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo . It is located 23km south of the city centre. Each annum the number of incoming passengers grows more than 10%. You can get to the city by bus and car.One of the most popular places in St Petersburg State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace. Besides you should take into consideration the General Staff Building,

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State Russian Museum and Grand Palace. You must visit Church on the Spilled Blood. This five-domed dazzler is St Petersburg’s most elaborate buliding with a classic Russian Orthodox exterior and interior decorated with about 7000 sq m of mosaics (a popular site). You can go for private trip to discover the beautifullness of the city. Keep in mind that Saint Petersburg is a Russian port city on the Baltic Sea. You can seek for a cruise on the sea or travel to skandinavian countries.

It’s always worth to consider choosing flights to les popular travel destinations. Sometimes in such places you can properly feel the atmosphere and the regional culture.